Thursday, 1 May 2014

Mojo lost......and found!

It has been a little while, I've not blogged because well I've not had much to blog about if I am honest. I had a good two, maybe three weeks of not much training at all. I was ill, it was the school holidays, work was busy, I had stuff to do, like you know going shopping, watching TV all the really important stuff that we do when we are not doing what we should be doing!

With the realisation that I have less than five months to the Spartan and I am still nowhere near ready, I thought I'd best get back to it. Me and the mister had a night out in Glasgow on Saturday and I got up to go to the hotel gym at 8am on Sunday morning - I know check me out! I spend a lot of the day thinking how easy training would be if I could just get up and go downstairs to the gym, then it dawned on me. I can. Well OK not to a nice air-conditioned fancy pants gym. But in my garden I have a bike, I have a skipping rope, I have a trampoline, I have roller skates, I have hula hoops, inside there are more workout DVDs than I can to mention and at the front door (which leads to a whole heap of running options) there are my trainers. I can go downstairs and go straight to the gym, its just a different kind of gym. Unfortunately I doubt I will return to a delicious breakfast buffet but a girl can't get everything.

So Monday I went for a run, Tuesday I did a DIY circuit mash up in the garden then I went for a run. This was a tough run. First off it was hot - don't worry the situation was quickly rectified and we are back to cold and rain. More of a pain was my lower back and right hip being really unstable for the majority of the run. Meaning my muscles, especially my core had to work a whole lot harder to keep everything in place, it was hard going, I am not going to lie I struggled, I really struggled. As I neared home my left hip, obviously not happy with the amount of attention the right one was getting, decided to protest by popping out, thankfully after a little attention and reassurance it was just as important it popped back in - but I was sore for the rest of the day.

Not one to be deterred Wednesday I went for a run, five minutes in and my toe dislocated and would go back in through wiggling alone. As I sat on the pavement putting it back in, I question what I was doing, is it really worth it? Maybe I should just not bother. But I gave myself a good Man The F**k Up talking too, remembered all the people who are a lot worse off than me, all the people who inspire me (this lovely lady for a start and I popped my toe back in, put my trainers back on and did it. I was faster, I pushed myself further, I felt good, I think I can do this! Don't get me wrong, I hurt, I was falling asleep by 8pm, I am still slow but I can and will do it.

May is EDS awareness month - I hope this blog is telling a few more people about EDS and giving a small insight to what it is like (remember I am pretty lucky with my symptoms) take a look for some more info


  1. I much prefer making use out of gear I have at home and dvds rather than paying for the gym, I know some people don't like it as much as going to the gym but I prefer it - although I do miss the air conditioning! Although I've told myself next time myself and my partner stay in a hotel with a gym I must take some workout clothing.

    Double ouch on the toe dislocation, and again, ouch!

    I need to pay more attention to information on EDS, I was diagnosed with hypermobility in my early twenties but haven't paid much attention to it recently as of all the other problems I've had but I worry how bad I will be in just a few years time - in a way I've always hoped getting fitter would improve everything.

    Good luck with your training!

    Sharon xx
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    1. Thank you, yeah I mostly ignored it when I was younger. Feeling it more now though but hope getting fitter will help :-)

    2. You really seem to be making great progress! When I turned thirty everything hit me, being stuck in bed for months didn't help but slowly getting there - I'm on prescription painkillers all day though so it is sometimes hard to tell - I'm now trying to get myself fitter than I was a decade ago!

  2. Wow, I'm majorly impressed, for your motivation and enthusiasm as well as your perseverance - thanks for linking up xx