Thursday, 22 May 2014


My mini personal trainer is out of action. A fall out of a trampoline on Friday night resulted in 5 hours in casualty and a bright pink above the elbow cast. This is not great for a girl who never sits down but she is doing OK. It does mean that I have done no, zero, absolutely nothing in the way of training.

So I thought I'd tell you about another charity challenge I'm doing and gloss over the fact I've not moved my bahooki!

We all know how important water is, how good it is for you, how much better you feel if you drink plenty of the stuff. So I am taking the RNLI's H2Only challenge. From May 27th I shall drink nothing but water for 2 weeks. Now to be honest when I signed up I didn't think it was going to be that difficult. I drink a fair amount of water as it is, however in the two weeks I have: my wedding anniversary, a girls spa break, an awards dinner, a work night out...... hmmm it might be trickier than I thought.

I have fingers firmly crossed I do not need a medicinal cup of tea and my joints behave themselves.

So why am I doing this? Well not only do I work for the RNLI, I genuinely think they are a pretty awesome charity. Our lifeboat crews are volunteers that risk their lives to save lives at sea. Not only are they ready to respond to a shout when it comes, they give up their time to be trained to the highest standard. Please take a look at the Royal National Lifeboat Institution to see some of the work they do, read about our rescues and watch the footage of the crews in action. I would not do what they do for all of the money in the world. That is why I am passionate about helping to ensure volunteer lifeboat crews have the best possible training and the best possible equipment to keep them safe when they are putting their lives on the line to rescue others.

Are you up for the challenge, can you cope for 2 weeks with no tea or coffee or alcohol? Sign up for H2Only

Or if you can't give up your brew you could always sponsor me!

On average the RNLI rescues 22 people every single day - they can only do that because of the very generous support of the general public.

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