Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Frustrations and fears

Last week I was away with work and missed running. Not just didn't manage to run but actually missed doing it! I may have become one of those people who gets tetchy when they don't exercise......

Mostly I am plodding along and pleased with how things are going but on Sunday my shoulder kept popping out. It blooming hurt and it made me feel sick, the rubbish feeling is nearly done over 48 hours later. I am not sure if it is because I had not done much the week before, because I did a bit of strength stuff the day before or just because. I suspect it is just because.

Now I know that this is going to happen, it is part and parcel of HEDS. It doesn't make it any less frustrating. The pain is, well, a pain as is the general feeling rubbish which goes with it but just now a couple of days being completely out of action is making it worse. I am really enjoying training and not being able to do it is getting me down a bit. I'll be back running tomorrow though :-)

Luckily I had Chloe to keep me on the straight and narrow food wise so didn't just survive on toast!

It has also reminded me of the fear of something dislocating or just having a general flare up on the day of the race or just before. Logically I know there is no point in worrying, if it happens I'll just need to deal with it. I hope that training will make me stronger and flare ups happen less, but this may be wishful thinking......

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Making progress

So I am quite enjoying this running lark, don't get me wrong it is still being mixed with a good chunk of walking. On Friday I covered 5k in 50 minutes, now this is not fast but it is a start. My toes went early on so I was pretty proud of myself for pushing through. Yesterday I did 5k in 47.33 really happy to see the time come down. If I can do it in 30 mins by Sept I'll be happy.

I am now running/walking 3 times a week, doing a different workout 3 times a week and having one rest day. And do you know what? I am really enjoying it. Today is an enforced rest day (one of my vertebrae has gone out slightly) and I'm a bit frustrated at not doing anything!

I'm enjoying it so much I've signed up for another run in June a bit more of a fun thing but still with mud and obstacles involved, for our local hospice.

Not listening seems to be working, although it is hard to ignore dislocated toes which at the moment my biggest problem. But food wise it is making a big difference to have everything planned out and just eating what is on the list. Not just to stop eating to much and unnecessarily but to eat well. Today the pain in my back is making my feel sick. All I want is toast but I went ahead and eat my planned lunch as it is what my body needs. I'd still kill for a slice of hot buttered toast though :-)

Back and toes aside I am feeling so much better, already I am experiencing less of the achy kind of pain that is always in the background.

Next week will be tough I am away with work quite a lot but will be packing my trainers and will do what I can!