Thursday, 15 May 2014

Another year gone by.....

Today I turn 36. Yep I am officially on my way to 40 and it feels great! Now in the grand scheme of things 36 is not really very old, I'd go so far as to say it's pretty youthful. Obviously in my head I am still around about 23 :-)

I am genuinely happy to be heading for my forties because I am doing so fit (well maybe not fit but getting there), active, healthy, managing HEDS in the most without medication. Something that when I was 17 was not a given. I think I have mentioned on here before when I was first diagnosed I was told there was a good chance that when I was in my thirties I would struggle to walk, the word wheelchair was used......

In my late teens and early twenties I relied a fair bit on painkillers which resulted in stomach issues.

In my thirties I feel fitter and stronger than ever. I have a huge amount to be grateful for I have an awesome family, the best daughter (even if she is a little nuts), brilliant friends, a great job, in the grand scheme of things I am healthy. Yeah I have bad days where everything hurts but I also have days where I can run like the wind, ok, ok that is a large exaggeration but I can move at a pace that is faster than walking and for me that rocks.

This week came the sad news that #Stephensstory had come to end. But my goodness what an inspirational man. And do you know what his story hasn't come to an end, his story will live on, it will continue to inspire, to give hope, it will no doubt save lives.

So yes I am getting older and for that I am thankful. Let us stop worrying about wrinkles, grey hair, things going south and let us celebrate the life we have lived and the life we have to come. Take a look in the mirror - you are awesome!

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