Friday, 19 September 2014

Nearly there

Today is the last day of the detox. Yes I have stuck to it. No it's not been as hard as I thought. Tes it has made a difference.
I have definitely lost weight, official stats tomorrow. But I am half a stone lighter so happy with that. But more importantly my pain levels seem to have improved. So for me it's not a case of going back to 'normal' I might relax it a little bit so it fits with family eating but this is definitely something I am going to keep up. Going to try really hard to reduce sugar as a whole for the family.

It is also nearly Spartan day....... I'm a mixture of excited and terrified, not helped by an email warning of deep water on a river run!

Am I ready? Well I guess, I wish I'd trained more, I wish I'd started going to Bootcamp in January but hey life got in the way. I am ready to give it my all though.

Wish me luck!

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