Sunday, 23 February 2014

Just do it?

I have been rubbish. There I've said it. Training has not happened, food has been rubbish!

I have always been a firm believer of listening to your body, but it would appear my body has been talking rubbish and mostly convincing me to eat toast and sit on my bahooki!

But I have had a slight revelation, thanks to a hypermobilty post on Facebook. So, as hypermobilty sufferers we are stretchy that's our thing, so what if our stomachs are stretchy too? I have a very bad habit of eating until I feel a bit sick, I don't get that comfortably full feeling, I go from hungry to totally stuffed. Hunger also attacks rapidly I don't tend to get a bit grumbly I proceed directly to ravenous. Now it may well just be that I am a greedy little piggy but there was a number of people who has the same issues. Could it be that a hypermobile stomach doesn't communicate properly with the brain? Or maybe like everything else it just stretches a bit more than it should. There is also the issue of getting light headed and dizzy if you don't eat regularly.

I have also been listening to my body when it says it is to sore or tired to exercise with the result that I have done nothing. Now it has been a bad couple of weeks, C had chicken pox so I was getting a couple of hours of sleep a night then I was away with work quite a bit. But nothing, well some walking ans swimming and bits but nothing proper. Because well it was just such an effort. So either I need to stop being so hard on myself or I just need to man the f**k up (sorry mum)

So I have made the decision to stop listening, I'm going back to planning my week out and eating just what is on the plan, no more no less, eating at regular intervals and most importantly eating well. I am going to push myself, no pain no gain and all that. Tiredness is not an acceptable excuse for not training, training will only be missed if I'm at a pain level of 7 or more.

So the answer is man up and just do it!

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